About Us


Established in 1994, Amm's has over 50+ years of experience and has been serving the Orange County community for over 20 years.  


"We value our customers and take pride in our work!"


All tailoring is performed by and guaranteed personally by Amm. Your garments are never "farmed out," but instead receive the personal attention of Southern California's recognized sartorial expert.

We tailor for men and women, even children (yes, they deserve to look their best as well).

We will happily tailor any garment to your exacting specifications, offering our expertise and insight to ensure you look your best:


  • Suits, Sport Jackets, Leather Jackets

  • Dress Shirts, Blouses

  • Tuxedos & Formal Wear

  • Wedding Dresses

  • Formal Dresses

  • Slacks, Jeans

  • & More! 

We work with all fabrics, from the finest silks to Irish Linen, wools/cashmere, blends, and leather.

Amm also offers a refined selection of suiting for his clients. Experience world-class quality, custom tailored just for you, at remarkable prices.



"We can do it all! We are your complete wardrobe specialists!"